The main and the only product of Kian Caviar Company is Beluga. as it mentioned in the fish farm page and in the sturgeons’ page, qualified personnel are looking after sturgeons round the clock. it means all of qulity factors in the following checklist will be verified in the process of harvesting.

Egg size: how do the grains of caviar compare to the typical egg size?

Egg color: does the product have the usual color, a color that is off, or a certain color that signifies rarer and more mature caviar?

Egg lucidity: do the eggs have the shiny coating that indicates freshness and proper storage.

Egg uniformity: is the general appearance of the caviar appropriate? Are all the grains uniform with each other in terms of size, color, lucidity and firmness?

Egg separation: Are the eggs clearly individual grains or are they soft, wet and seemingly melted together?

Egg fragrance: Does the product smell okay or does it have any off-putting and unnatural characteristics to its scent?

Egg firmness: are the grains sturdy or soft, and do they have the appropriate texture? Is the roe skin or shell too fragile?

Egg taste: Does the caviar have all the usual flavors of that species? Does it taste metallic, sour, bitter, and too salty or have any other flavors that negatively affect the quality?

Egg maturity: do the eggs not only look like but taste like they were harvested from a full grown fish?

therefore these Belugas are fantastic in case of roe quality, size, color, grain, uniformity and other quality characteristic of caviar. By clicking here IMG_8425 you can watch a video of extracting caviar from a sturgeon in the company.